Friday, April 20, 2018

I'm a Mother Now!

Assalamualaikum and Helllo! I skipped a lot of major life events didn't I. I am now updating on my first labour experience! I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM A MOTHER NOW!! Everyone has their own labour experience, here's mine...

15 January 2018, Monday 10:37 pm

Currently at 39 weeks 4 days pregnant. Arrived at Umra with Iqbal and Ibu for a regular weekly checkup (or what we thought it would be). Ibu wanted to follow us for the checkup at least once she said, little that we know this is the last one for our first baby.

At first checkups were done monthly, then fortnightly and now weekly. As per last two checkups, I did CTG. Its a device that can detect the baby's heartbeat and contraction.

Definition from google: "Cardiotocography (CTG) is a technical means of recording the fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions during pregnancy. The machine used to perform the monitoring is called a cardiotocograph, more commonly known as an electronic fetal monitor (EFM)."

Both last two weeks' CTG was all normal, but today's CTG shows the baby's heartbeat was quite high. Then we went for consultation with the doctor and did ultrasound as usual in which doctor will check on the growth of the baby and amniotic fluid. 

My amniotic fluid is low at only 5.70 cm. The nurse already predicted that it is low during the CTG, she said that my tummy looks very compacted. Doctor said it should be at least 7.00 cm and due to this, she said i have to be induced. When? TONIGHT.

Google explained: "The AFI is normally 7 to 25 cm. In addition, each individual pocket of fluid should be 2 to 8 cm. Fluctuations outside of this range define oligohydramnios (too little amniotic fluid) or polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid)."

Since that we have all the baby box, my bag and Iqbal's bag all packed up already in the car, i can be warded right away. I never thought i would have to be induced.

Google explained: "Labor induction due to low amniotic fluidlevels is very common. ... Some care providers may want to induce you (trigger labor with the help of pharmaceuticals) because they are concerned that a birth defect is causing low levels of amniotic fluid.Low fluid levels could be restricting your baby's growth."

Called my parents (papa mama) straight away. I'm scared. I cried.

16 January 2018, Tuesday 5:02 am

The first induced pill was inserted down there at 12.00 am. Didn't feel much contractions yet but yet i can't sleep. Doctor checked twice on the opening. Latest at around 4.00 am, it was 2-3 cm and she told me that my cervix is already soft. Which is a good sign.

The second time the doctor came to check on me, i was sitting down instead of laying on the bed. Then she said...

"Oh! You're such a small lady! Your baby is big."

Nurse had given me a liquid that was inserted at the bottom, for me to poop. The effect is only within 3-5 seconds. That was the best pooping session i had in my life, feels like it flushed out everything in there.

Mama is here with Iqbal. Keeps me accompany all night. They did not sleep well though, awake everytime nurse came in to check on me. 

As for me, i did not sleep at all.

16 January 2018, Tuesday 1:08 pm

Still just mild contractions. CTG was made every few hours. They asked me if i wanted painkillers as the CTG shows that the contraction is quite high. I said "No thanks, still bearable."

Doctor called me downstairs to scan and check on the baby. Iqbal and i went downstairs to see the doctor. All normal, the heart, the tummy, everything. Except for the amniotic fluid, still insufficient. Dr. Rafi (the Director of Umra Hospital himself) gave me three choices:

1. Wait - to wait on the effect of the first induced pill and let it come naturally.

2. Induce - to insert second induce and the pain will be more.

3. Caesarean delivery - drastic choice.

Dr. Rani recommended to wait. I also felt like choosing the first choice. Went upstairs and ask for mama's opinion. She agrees with the first choice. Iqbal told the nurse and then i talked to the Dr. Rafi via ward phone and he told me to eat "kaw kaw" until 2.00 pm, then i have to fasting, can only drink plain water.

I ate KFC Zinger burger. 

There are two nurses that came to check on me often, my two favorites. One is indian lady and another seems like nepal. The nepal nurse asks me to exercise by walk around, walking like duck, squat and go up and down the staircase. I did them all.

16 January 2018, Tuesday 11:55 pm

After almost 24 hours, i still haven't felt any strong contractions. CTG as usual, every few hours. Contraction is increasing throughout the time but i only felt mild ones.

Went to see Dr. Rafi again on the late evening. Did ultrasound and it is still the same, all good except amniotic fluid. It is fortunate that the baby did not poopoo in there.

Dr. Rafi asks me to see his wife, to check on the opening. His wife checked and it hurts. After that blood starts coming out. This time she gives me two choices:

1. To wait some more

2. Caesarean delivery

To insert second induce pill is no longer a choice, as my contractions are increasing, not decreasing. As mama and ibu (and so does kaklong, aiman, aizad, abang syabil and aqil) are both upstairs, we decided to ask them first. They all agreed to the first choice. I also feel like caesarean is quite a drastic choice.

Iqbal told the nurse and the doctor asks me to fasting after 3.00 am.

Near midnight (ie after 24 hours of the instertion of induced pill), i started to feel strong strong contractions.

However, nurses often says that i am still smilling wide, even during contractions.

17 January 2018, Wednesday 4:59 pm


After midnight, my contractions are getting stronger and stronger. They did CTG every few hours still. At certain time my contractions was at every 10 minutes, then it was every 5 minutes, then 10 again. At around 4.00 am, i can't take it anymore and finally ask for painkiller. 

They did CTG again and the contraction was at every 3 minutes. Nurse went out, and came back in telling me to wash up and get ready to go to the labour room. They gave me double dose of those thing that made me poopoo.

The pain is too much this time. The nurse can see that. The indian nurse (my favorite nurse) told me to istighfar.

Labour Room...

At around 7.00 am, the unforgetable moment begins in the labour room. The contractions is too much i litterally crying and made some noise (not scream though) because it hurts real real bad. 

They had given me painkiller, which were injected near hip but the pain is still too much. Every 3 minutes i felt like poopoo and pushing out the baby. 

They gave me this gas to make me calm, which i can take by myself and breath in out for 2-3 times. Everytime the contractions came, i reach out for that gas thing and then i fell asleep, and awake when the contraction comes again. 

The opening was already 5 cm when i entered the labour room. However, i felt like pushing already.

Throughout the hours, i ask for the doctor to check so many times and just roll right left right left. The pain is too too much  and trust me, caesarean delivery came to mind 90% of the time i was in there. 

At around 11.30 am, it was already 9 cm. However it is not the time yet, said the doctor. I felt like screaming my ass out. I hold on for another hour.

The head nurse came in and said "Oh look she's can still smile!".

I seriously don't know how i can smile during such pain.


Near 12.15 pm, all the doctors standby, there were 3 doctors in there (Dr. Ummul, Dr. Rafi's wife and the doctor who went to check on me after the first induced pill), 1 head nurse and about 3 nurses. 

Dr. Ummul delivered my baby. He told me that he will try his best to deliver the baby with help of vacuum. He said that there may be a lump on the baby's head due to baby being stuck down there for quite some time. Moreover, the head placement is a bit off. He hopes vacuum would help. Caesarean delivery would be made immediately if failed to deliver normal.

Dr. Rafi's wife is very kind and gives me such huge support. "Good girl!" "You can do this!" "Very good job!"

The other doctor came in a bit later. 

The head nurse is the sweetest. She had a wet towel to wipe my face to cool me down and tie up my hair up high for me. She also told me thay a lady next room had just delivered her baby and ask me to shout "i can!". I shouted "i can!" with all my heart.

The delivery...

When they finally asked me to push, i thanked god. FINALLY. I now know what it feels like. I pushed for 3 times. Push and hold when they told me too. When i pushed, both doctors besides me help me by pushing my tummy. They told me when to push and when to stop. The baby came out! It felt smooth. The waiting duration was long but labour my such an easement Alhamdulillah. There's my baby girl!

Nurses cleaned the baby first. The head nurse took the baby and put her on my chest after she is clean. Head nurse made the baby kissed me. My baby's first kiss. The head nurse asks if iqbal wanted to take photo of the baby to show to our parents. 💕

Weight: 3.28kg
Length: 51.5cm
Head: 33cm

At 12.22 pm, Putri Adelea was born. Assalamualaikum sayang 😘

23 January 2018, Tuesday 11:58 am

This entry is about my husband, the father of my baby. Iqbal always there for me whenever i did my checkup at Umra. During our last checkup, he kind of panicked when the doctor told me i had to be induced, but he can still keep calm.

During the whole period in ward room 13, he was there for me. He slept on the floor as the first night he lets mama sleep on the second bed (we took 2 bedded non-sharing room) and on the second night, he lets ibu sleep on the second bed.

Just like me, he did not sleep well for those two nights. As the nurse came in to check on me every few hours, he awakes every time.

I was in the ward for more than 24 hours. Iqbal was the one who was there for me that whole time. Only took off to the market to get food for me and family.

When the time came for me to finally being pushed to the labour room, i can see that he is already very worried. My contractions are strong and i was in pain. He was right next to me. 

The contraction was every 3 minutes, and every it came, i reached for the gas and then i kind of fell asleep, i think. Then awake again after 3 minutes. It goes on and on for 6 hours. Everytime i was awake, iqbal was there. One time it was mama. I remember he said "seeing you like this makes me want to cry" during the contractions in the labour room.

When the time finally comes for me to push, iqbal gave me the best support i could ever ask for. Funny thing is, every time the doctor told me to push, i can hear that he was also holding his breath, pushing, like me, for the whole time as long as i did. Which explains why he was also out of breath.

When the baby was safely delivered, it was such a relief to hear the baby cried. It was then iqbal and i also cried like a baby. He kisses my forehead. Then the doctor calls him to cut the umbirical cord. I still cant believe he cuts it.

The nurse then asks him if he wanted to take picture of the baby being fresh from the oven. He took the picture to show to mama, ayah and ibu outside (papa was at terengganu). Mama told me that iqbal came out to them crying, not being able to talk which makes them worried about me and baby (they thought something went wrong) until he finally said "sebak". 

It was tears of joy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First Trimester (Week 1 to 12)

Assalamualaikum! Hi Blog! Sekian lama tak menaip, rasa macam nak kongsi my pregnancy journey. YES, I'M PREGNANT! Alhamdulillah... 

So recap everything, after a year of engagement, i got married with the love of my life on 16th September 2016. Sejak kahwin, setiap bulan datang period, mesti sedih. Siap pernah false alarm period saja muncul seminggu lewat. And when we were most unexpected, i found out i was pregnant when i was about 5 days late. 

A day before i tried a home pregnancy test, we were celebrating mother's day with ibu (my mother-in-law) on 14th May 2017 since that my mama is at Terengganu at the time. Ibu berdoa agar diberikan rezeki cucu (anak for us) dan ajak saya potong cake bersama ibu, as a 'mother-to-be'.

15th May 2017. Tergerak hati nak cuba juga check pregnant atau tidak. Lagipun murah je benda ni beli dekat guardian, below RM10.00 pun banyak. So these are the first two tests! Try masa baru bangun pagi sebab orang cakap the first urine in the morning yang paling bagus untuk test. Nampak line samar2. Iqbal and i macam blur2, nak excited ke tak. Samar2 ni ada ke tidak? Terus tanya kawan, saudara, kaklong. Semua cakap ada! Terus google macam2.

Sumber: Google. Pun mention yang kalau line samar dikira "Positive Test Results". A friend suggest cuba beli yang digital. Ada yang suruh tunggu lagi tiga hari, tengok line makin pekat atau tidak. Tapi, you know lah me, tak sabar2 terus beli yang digital. Aaaaand so i did, a bit more pricey. But worth it!

Terjawab semua persoalan sebab terang2 tulis "Pregnant"!! Cuba yang clearblue digital test ni masa after lunch di office. Iqbal pergi belikan dan i terus test on the very same day.

Above is the instruction for clearblue. Click to enlarge. 

Sumber: Google. Ada juga dekat instruction atas, tapi ni senang sikit nampak. Mine was "Pregnant 1-1" meaning i'm 3-4 weeks pregnant. Baru sangat lagi. Last date of first day period pun masa 14th April 2017. Doctor akan tanya tarikh ni sebab nak calculate expected due date.

After a few days, kami pergi klinik biasa untuk confirm pregnancy. Doctor bagi folic acid, kena makan every day. Doctor cakap awal lagi untuk scan, kena tunggu lagi 3 minggu macam tu. Kalau nak scan situ kena buat appointment, tapi nak scan dekat tempat lain also can. I pergi Klinik An-Nisa Sec 7, dekat dengan rumah. Macam family doctor dah Dr Dzulkarnain tu.

3 minggu sangat lama nak tunggu, 19th May 2017, i did another home test. (nampak tak masih tak percaya lol). Kali ni line memang lagi terang. 

5th June 2017. I did my first checkup. First scan. 

15/5/2017 - 3-4 weeks
5/6/2017 - 6 weeks 5 days

So the clearblue digital test was legit true af! 3 weeks after my home test i did my first scan, came out as around 6 weeks 5 days. Was very small, 0.77cm only. Masa ni bulan puasa, biasanya first scan ni orang akan tahan kencing, jadi senang sikit nampak. Tapi saya, pundi kencing kosong. Susah sikit nak nampak. Seronok tengok, even belum ada bentuk. Excited to see that its really there! I was planning to do all checkup and to deliver at Umra Hospital. So close to home and office. My due date is 21st January 2018. 

Saya tanya doctor masa tu, perlu ke buka buku merah. You know, the very well-known buku merah yang macam passport untuk ibu mengadung tu. Buka merah akan dapat bila checkup dekat government hospital. Doctor recommend untuk buka buku merah, it's good to have record at both government and private. Tapi kena tunggu next scan, sebab first scan ni masih kecil.

Disebabkan saya dah mula muntah2, doctor bagi veloxin. Memang sangat memerlukan benda ni.

19th June 2017. Second check up. Masa ni memang risau, sebab saya alahan teruk. Morning, day, afternoon, evening, night sickness! Dah lali dah dengan muntah2 ni. Nasib baik makan tak ada masalah. Berat turun 3 kg :( tapi nurse cakap normal turun berat badan masa first trimester. Baby dah 2.45cm masa ni. Alhamdulillah lega tengok membesar. Next appointment is in 3 weeks, which would be a detail scan. They can detect if there are any problem with the baby. 

Sepatutnya lepas scan ni dah boleh pergi Klinik Kesihatan (government) a.k.a. KK Seksyen 7. Untuk penduduk seksyen 8, boleh datang hari selasa dan khamis pagi sahaja. Scan on monday, the next day patut dah boleh buat, tapi saya terlalu busy minggu tu sebab nak kejar siapkan tender sebelum cuti raya. Dah lah saya ambil cuti 5 hari, tak termasuk 2 hari public holiday office bagi. Seminggu balik raya di terengganu.

10th July 2017. Third check up. Nervous masa ni, sebab detail scan. Bila dapat scan, terkejut! Eh, dah ada kaki dan tangan. Lepas tu, baby gerak. Iqbal: EH! DIA GERAK! Doctor cakap memang dah boleh gerak. Alhamdulillah, cukup sifat, heartbeat normal. Hidung pun nampak tu, tinggi. Hidung mancung ni mesti ikut ayah dia ni. Saya hidung jambu hahahaha. And boleh nampak tapak kaki dia tu. Sekarang dah 5.51cm. So small so cute! Doctor bagi ubat baru, Obimin. Doctor suruh mula makan sekali sehari. No more folic acid. Bila mula makan obimin, folic acid tak payah makan dah sebab dalam obimin dah ada folic acid. Next checkup at umra is a month after, that is 14th August 2017.

11th July 2017. Finally saya sudah buka buku merah. Sampai klinik seawal 7.30 pagi, tapi dah ramai orang. Iqbal teman, tapi naik dua kereta sebab iqbal ada meeting. Memang agak lama menunggu, tapi nurse di KK memang sangat baik. Kalau di KK Sec 7 Shah Alam, pertama sekali,

1. Pergi ke kaunter Ibu dan Anak di sebelah kiri, dan beritahu nurse nak buka buku merah. Nurse akan tanya, dah scan di klinik atau belum. Sebab memang kena bawa scan. Nurse akan bagi kertas kecil untuk isi nama, no ic, alamat dan no tel. Pulangkan buku sekali dengan ic original, klipkan sekali.

2. Nurse akan panggil lepas dia dah selesai register (dah ada bar code sendiri), nurse timbang berat dan ukur tinggi. Terus disuruh ke bilik 12, tunggu turn untuk ambil darah. Letak buku merah tadi dekat luar bilik dan tunggu nama dipanggil.

3. Lepas check darah, nurse bagi sample darah dan cup untuk air kencing. Darah dan air kencing kena hantar ke makmal dan buku merah hantar ke kaunter ibu dan anak balik. Merata juga lah i cari makmal, 3 orang dah tanya, rupanya memang ada tulis clearly "MAKMAL" dekat tengah2. Sample darah letak dekat counter depan, (Jangan try buka pintu sebab kunci, i tried it and orang sekeliling pandang pelik hahaha tak perasan masa tu ada counter rupanya). Air kencing pula letak dekat counter lagi satu, dekat sebelah kanan makmal, ada kena masuk toilet kecil then ada opening tempat utk letak cup.

4. Lepas dah hantar buku merah, tunggu nama dipanggil. Masuk bilik dan jumpa nurse. Nurse akan minta details macam2 seperti tarikh nikah, tarikh last period, cycle berapa hari etc. Tapi tak ada minta pula kad nikah. Setiap nurse incharge akan ikut kawasan. Nurse saya memang jaga seksyen 8. Result darah dan air kencing dah ada masa tu. Semua normal alhamdulillah. 

5. Jumpa doctor pula. Doctor akan tanya2 soalan juga. And i did ask several questions too. Doctoc scan again. Dia cakap "dah besar juga baby you". Expected due date (EDD) dekat KK lebih kurang macam dekat umra. Tengok scan tu, baby pandang sini yeeee? Hihi. Masa scan dekat KK pun baby gerak2. Active baby ni. Tapi saya masih belum boleh rasa di bergerak.

That is all for first time buka buku merah. Next check up is at 8th August 2017. Although nak deliver dekat lain, tapi kena check up juga di KK. Kalau ada complication/emergency, senang. Its for me and my baby own good kan. KK is okay, doctor, nurse baik. Tak ada pun masam2, marah2. Soalan semua pun dia jawab. Cuma menunggu lama. Prepare powerbank or buku. Next time memang i nak bawa buku.

I will update on my second trimester 3 months from now. Been so busy lately, nak blogging pun tak ada masa sobs.

p/s: Untuk nak tahu hari apa uolls boleh pergi Klinik Kesihatan untuk buka buku merah, boleh call +603-55186531 - Klinik Kesihatan Seksyen 7. Sebab ikut lokasi rumah, bukan setiap hari untuk seksyen rumah awak tau.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Konvokesyen Universiti Teknologi Mara ke-84

Assalamualaikum. Hi blog! Long time no update. Guess what? I got engaged, i finished my degree and i am currently working! Also, i am slowly making my previous posts public as i miss the old stories that i shared. I've been blogging since 2008! And oh, don't judge the old ira. HEHE.

Start off with my studies. After finishing my studies at UiTM Sri Iskandar, Perak for Diploma in Quantity Surveying, I further my studies for Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) at UiTM Shah Alam. Very close to home! 5 mins away if the traffic is being nice. Final paper for degree was on 9/7/2015. After 9/10 months after was our convocation. Lama kan tunggu. Officially an Alumni UiTM pada 26/4/2016. 

Rindu pula tengok gambar ni. Picture was taken on the final day of our degree, after our final paper. We're finally free! Time to go on different paths now. Alhamdulillah, iqbal and I graduated, together. For diploma and for degree, with all our family members by our side. Alhamdulillah.

The difference 3 years can make. Left picture was taken on Nov 2013, right picture was taken on Apr 2016. Jom buat macam ni untuk gambar kahwin juga nak tak? Gambar atas tu pre-convo. Dekat bawah saya banjew gambar2 masa hari konvokesyen pula. 

Big picture: Halieda's mom, Halieda, Nada, the Ira, and Nada's mom. My mom is missing, masa ni pama tengah cari bunga untuk beli, so i wander around to find my friends with iqbal. Halieda and Nada are my close friends during degree, dalam kelas mesti duduk sebelah dua orang hebat ni. Hehe they are the complete opposite of me as i am shy/timid, and they are outspoken/loud. Both in a good way. Little pictures: Fie, Syaf, Mila, Maznie and Erin. Fie, Syaf and Mila classmates degree. Fie was also my schoolmate. Maznie, i kenal dia masa dah pun kerja. Sebab dia masuk tempat kerja lama i masa i dah pun resign. Erin pula, kawan kelas masa diploma. Different class during degree.

Family Time! Left picture was during the photo session, dekat sec 24. Kaklong, abg syabil and aqil are missing out sebab abg syabil kerja. Middle picture with iqbal and his parents, dekat FSPU. Right picture with iqbal and my parents.

Lastly, a picture of me and my parents. My Superman and Wonderwoman. They raise me to become who i am today. THANK YOU. Ciah sayang papa mama xoxo.

My makeup and mama's makeup by @rozlanassir (instagram)

My next update would be on my job hunting!


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Final preparation for engagement

Assalamualaikum. Majlis pertunangaan + aqiqah dah lepas, which is a week ago. Tapi tak sempat nak update. So this is an update of our final preparation. Alhamdulillah, majlis berjalan lancar.

Barang-barang hantaran dari pihak perempuan kepada pihak lelaki. Dari kiri, siri junjung (belum disusun masa ni), kasut, cake (belum diletak), set perfume, kain putih, cicin + bunga rampai dan songkek.

Sebelum ini mama nak letak cincin dan potpuri, dah beli dah pun. Mama beli potpuri dalam bekas macam vase warna cream (sort of), ingat banyak. Dah beli dua bekas dah pun. RUPA-RUPANYA, potpuri belah atas sahaja, dekat bawah letak polystyrene. Jadi, kembali kepada plan asal, letak bunga rampai.

Baju tunang i. Ayah anjang tambah manik (mana yang sempat katanya), but its very beautiful enough.

Untuk aqiqah. Mangkuk untuk air, dan tiga bekas kaca untuk madu, kurma dan air zam zam.

Bunga telur warna biru, door gift kaca, teddy with jelly beans dan kipas. Some of the items yang mama masukkan dalam beg kertas untuk diberi kepada kumpulan marhaban. Nasi kunyit dan kain batik juga disumbat dalam beg kertas.

In this beg, we prepared for 21, but 28 showed up. Nasib baik jumpa juga benda-benda seakan untuk diberi.

Letter of invitation for our neighbours. Alhamdulillah semua jiran hadir.

Dah siap alih meja, kerusi dan sofa awal-awal.

Setting up.

Dah malam...

I loike panorama hihi.

Setting up pelamin.

Timelapse video of the setting up.

That morning. :)

Final costing.

Previous total: RM4,703.82
Catering: RM4,080.00
Canopy, chair, table and buffet station: RM1,890.00
Make-up + photographer + videographer (approximately): RM1,250.00
Total: RM11,923.82

K, kahwin terus pun tak apa sebenarnya. Hahaha. Tapi banyak yang sekali dengan aqiqah, so its not all on pertunangan. But hm, lima bulan gaji pun belum cukup kalau nak bayar sendiri. I owe my parents like a LOT.

Alhamdulillah, never thought i get to say this but, I HAVE A VERY HANDSOME ADORABLE FIANCE! ♥